Who Am I ?

Who Am I ?

Peace and blessings my name is Manuel AKA Essa you may call me ESSA. Welcome to S.T.O.P. (Start Today On Purpose)

As a skilled Consulting Hypnotist, Licensed Religious Science Practitioner, and Emotional Code practitioner, I specialize in facilitating profound transformations in individuals seeking healing, empowerment, and inner peace. I've been a practitioner of both professions for over 10 years; however, I have been a student of general behavioral motivation and inspiration all my life. A seeker of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. How the mind works has always intrigued me. Natural curiosity has nurtured a talent in me to inspire and motivate people to live better lives. As you can image, I could always pick up on the hidden subtle, non-productive patterns or unhealthy habits in someone's life story. As I listened compassionately to their stories, I often found myself relating to their pain and suffering which allowed me the gift to speak truth in someone's life and give them guidance, support and above all unconditional love.

I don't know to what extent of your willingness to change or believe what I am about to say but if you could open yourself to the possibility that it could be true, your life will improve dramatically.  My life has been one of trials, tribulations, struggles, victories and rewards. I wish I could tell you that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth but that is further from the truth.  I consider myself a diamond in the rough.  I'm not a saint; unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.

As a result of experiencing and overcoming a few addictions, releasing trapped emoitons and developing spiritual practices in life. I'm committed to helping successful, motivated people relieve themselves of being sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired of self abuse. themselves with and  recovering health and wealth within 30 days. Perhaps you can imagine the rewarding feeling of improved health and wealth within 30 days, as a result of being FREE.

Yor probably already know, I love working with people to change their lives for the better. I enjoy and love hypnosis because it helps to uproot, and resolve any subconscious beliefs and issues. I also love the Science of the Mind philosophy because that too contributes to resolving, uprooting any subconscious beliefs and issues. I believe the combination of both can heal, help and change any mental equivalents that a person may be experiencing in life; especially if a person believes in a higher power.

So with that being said, sooner or later you will realize I'm committed to helping you, help yourself to quit smoking, feel healther and save money. Or for that matter, any unhealthy habit you weren't born with. As you trust yourself with my program, assistance and feedback, we can accomplish anything because it only takes one person to believe in you and I BELIEVE IN YOU. I will help you to achieve your goals of quitting cigarettes .  Reclaim your confidence at living a healthy, whole and complete life.

You can contact me to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards your journey of quiting cigarettes today, can you not?

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