sharon terry

18 February 2024
4 months ago
Essa is amazing at what he does. This was my first time doing something like this. I was a little skeptical. But he made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I c...
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Sandra Brown

24 December 2023
6 months ago
From 1 to 5 my pain have gone. Essa did a phenomenal job practicing his new EMOTION CODE method. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to experience this pheno...
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Adam Lowell

28 September 2023
9 months ago
I will post an update after my first session. I just want to say that even after talking to Essa on the phone I feel a sense of relief. I can tell that he's a g...
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Nae Ray

30 July 2023
10 months ago
Working with Essa has been a big pleasure. He’s definitely helped me with my self confidence and gave constant encouragement all the way through! Talking with h...
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Ernest Martin Jr

21 July 2023
a year ago
Essa's method and style has great manifestation powers and I would highly recommend him to assist and help with any issue,. APPRECIATION AND LOVE.....

Alya Sewell

10 July 2023
a year ago
It has been a pleasure working with Essa. Very professional and relaxing. He spoke truth to my subconscious beliefs and nothing but good things manifested afte...
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Janaishia Frost

26 June 2023
a year ago
Essa’s style and method during our hypnosis sessions has been very powerful, relaxing and healing. His work truly reflects his passion for helping people. I wou...
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Yesterday'sDeliveryLLC- StartTodayOnPurposeHypnosis

10 June 2023
a year ago